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Design Consulting


We offer you new perspectives.

You are looking for a unique design product to reach new markets and please your customers. We create for you a high quality work, optimizing manufacturing, packing, and transportation.

Business cards support | pascal*grossiord design. Plastic key ring for the rooms of LE A**** Hotel Paris | pascal*grossiord design. Wood composter | pascal*grossiord design. XPOT Flower pot wood support to create a vertical garden | pascal*grossiord design. Wooden listening post | design pascal*grossiord. BOOK Commercial support for books | design pascal*grossiord. SERR Book ends used left or right | design pascal*grossiord. CARR Customized furniture which canstool bench countertop table... | design pascal*grossiord. AFFI Wood display for a poster | design pascal*grossiord.

Designed by pascal*grossiord.



CARRAFONT, Paris, France
Product design: business cards and postcards support.

HOTEL LE A****, Paris, France
Product design: plastic key ring for the rooms.

ESAT DES HERMONES, Thonon-les-Bains, France
Product design: Wood composter. Compact storage and transport.

COMPAGNIE, Paris, France
Product design: XPOT wood support for flower pots. It allows to easily create ornamental gardens and vertical gardens inside and outside.

Wooden furniture where you can listen to music or audio books, etc with a place to sit. Used during cultural events in Rhône-Alpes, France.

Product design: BOOK Commercial support for books, horizontal storage.

Product design: SERR bookends used left or right. It has two places to put information.

Product design: CARR Furniture to customize in size, height, color, material, shape, made in Corian (marble powder 70%, resin 30%), easy to maintain. This design enables to create stool, bench, chair, armchair, sofa, table, desk, console, cabinet, countertop, bar, garden furniture, etc.

Product design: AFFI poster wooden furniture. Can also be produced in Corian (marble powder 70%, 30% resin). Available in wall-mounted version. Welcomes posters up to A2 format.


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