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Selection of my design projects

Each project is unique and comes out of a special purpose. As a designer, I respond to requests with a simple, functional, and lasting solution.

ODEO Water can | pascal*grossiord design. OCEA Knife | pascal*grossiord design. DEFI Table | pascal*grossiord design. ILUM Light | pascal*grossiord design. TRAC Seat | pascal*grossiord design. ECLA Light | pascal*grossiord design. LUNA Furniture | pascal*grossiord design. ETIC Shelf | pascal*grossiord design. TIME Clock | pascal*grossiord design. LOVE Armchair | pascal*grossiord design.

Designed by pascal*grossiord.



ODEO Water can, 1st Prize Objet 2000 competition and exhibitions "Pass International", Paris, France, 1992 & 1993.

OCEA Knife, mention and exhibition during the International Cutlery Design Competition Sakai, Japan, 1992.

DEFI Table, furniture project with self-locking metal base and wooden tray top.

ILUM Light, plaster base and canvas lampshade, limited edition.

TRAC Seat, hard foam furniture project.

ECLA Plastic Light, base lamp is stored in the lamp shade to minimize packing space, limited edition, 1994.

LUNA Furniture, beech handles, entrance furniture project.

ETIC Shelf, selected by VIA "Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement" and shown during the Paris Furniture Fair. Exhibited in 3SUISSES foundation, 1995.

TIME Clock, personal project using recovery materials, aluminium, wood, limited edition, 1996.

LOVE Armchair, furniture project design sketch.






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