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Awards and Selections in Design Competitions

Des Signes Exhibition, furniture, lights, objects, Paris, France, 1998.

Paris light Fair, GIL stand, LILA and SARA Lamps, exhibited, 1996.

Paris Furniture Fair, Home of the Five Senses Exhibition, VIA "Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement", 1996. Coffee Table MOVE and ETIC Shelf, presented through VIA with Permanent Call Distinction, Paris, France, 1995.

Maison et Objet Fair, Ecole Bleue Special Exhibition, FLOR vase was selected along with Ronan BOUROULLEC's vase and shown on Director's Invitation, Paris, France, 1996.

International Luggage Design Competition, TOYOOKA Japan’ 94, FROM and COLO Luggage Projects, both selected and exhibited, Luggage Fair, Toyooka, Japan, 1994.

ECU European Currency Contest, Personal Coin Project selected by the French Jury and exhibited in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 1994.

International Cutlery Design Competition 1993, SOFT Knife Design officially selected and shown, Sakai, Japan.

International Cutlery Design Competition 1992, OCEA Knife Design officially selected and shown, Sakai, Japan.

PASS International Paris Fair, ODEO Original Watering Can exhibited twice, 1992 & 1993 First Prize, OBJET 2000 Competition 93. ODEO also presented at International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland, on Special Invitation by French Magazine SCIENCE & VIE, 1994 and Garden Art Fair, Parc de Saint-Cloud Paris, 1994.

INTERIEUR 92 Design for Europe, EMAN Tooth Brush Project and IDOL Light Project, selected and shown, Kortijk, Belgium, 1992.

ARFLEX International Competition, A Soft Seat for New Europe 93, LAMI Seat Project, Official Recognition for France, exhibited in ARFLEX Show-room, Milan, Italy, 1992.

PASS International Paris Fair, OBJET 2000, EMAN Tooth Brush Project, selected and exhibited twice, France, 1991 & 1992.

Fifth International Design Competition, Osaka, TERRA Poster exhibited. Exhibits toured in Japan, Osaka, Tokyo, Niigata, Fukuyama and also in Singapour, Indonesia, 1991.






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