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Original Items


We create objects for a daily use.

Your store equipment has to be renewed, you need more space, or to add decoration. Our original creations are designed to make it easier for everyday use. Easy to maintain, easy to move.

BOOK Support for books | pascal*grossiord design. SERR Bookends used left or right | pascal*grossiord design. CARR Customizable furniture console window stool bench countertop table | pascal*grossiord design. AFFI Wood display for a poster | pascal*grossiord design.

BOOK Commercial support for books, horizontal storage.
SERR bookends used left or right, has two places to put information.
CARR Furniture to customize in size, height, color, material, shape, made in Corian (marble powder 70%, resin 30%), easy to maintain. This design enables to create stool, bench, chair, armchair, sofa, table, desk, console, cabinet, countertop, bar, garden furniture, etc.
AFFI poster wooden furniture. Can also be produced in Corian (marble powder 70%, 30% resin). Available in wall-mounted version. Welcomes posters up to A2 format.


ONE+ Square Clock  | pascal*grossiord design. CLOC Round Clock | pascal*grossiord design.

ONE+ Square Clock, white background, decorative clock.
CLOC Round Clock, white background, lime green, orange, fuchsia, gray, gold, black, decorative clock.


EXPO Card Holders Chic | pascal*grossiord design. EXPO Card Holders Color | pascal*grossiord design.

EXPO Card Holders Chic, translucent, gold, black, white, horizontal storage.
EXPO Card Holders Color, green, orange, blue, pink, horizontal storage.


COSY Little Baskets | pascal*grossiord design. XFIX Quick Build Shelves | pascal*grossiord design.

COSY Little Baskets, black, white, green, pastel green, blue sky, blue, purple, pink, orange. Easy to maintain, easy to move.
XFIX Quick Build Shelves, high quality suctions, to be fixed on glass, mirror, tiles, red hearts model. Easy to maintain, easy to move.


Designed by pascal*grossiord. Original products made in France.


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